Although we do not have an option to indefinitely pause subscriptions, we do have the option to select a specific date for your next shipment. This can be as many weeks or months as you need.

If you’ve ended up with a bit of a backlog, or if you need to put things on hold for any other reason, we've got you💞

You can manually do this within your account. To put your subscription on hold, simply log into your account, and then:

'Skip' to move your subscription date back by 15 days or 29 days. Your subsequent orders will then align with the new shipment date.

⭐️ If you are on the monthly or Triple-Pack subscriptions, you also have the option to:
'Set next date or edit frequency' to move your next shipping date back to any point in the next 3 months. Whatever date you select, your subsequent orders will align with this by sending them out every 29 days.

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