How do I pause or delay my subscription renewal?
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In your portal you have full control over when you want your next order date to be—and this can be as many weeks or months away as you need.

To update this, log into your account first, then follow these steps to either 'pause' your subscription or 'delay' your next order:


1. Go to the bottom right button named "More" and click it

2. Scroll to the bottom option and select "Pause"

3. This will provide a pop out. Simply hit "Pause" to pause your subscription. You'll then receive a confirmation statement along the bottom of your screen.

4. You can resume your subscription at any point by following the same steps as above—"pause" will have updated to "unpause" as an option in the drop down.


1. Select the button labelled "Set your next order date"

2. This will provide a pop out calendar. Simply choose the date you want to receive your next order and hit "Confirm"

3. Your new shipping date should now appear in the top left of your subscription section within your account, labelled "Next on ...". This will also update subsequent billing and shipping dates accordingly to prevent disrupting future orders.

NOTE:- If you're on a monthly subscription or your quarterly subscription is about to renew, your next payment will be postponed to around this date too. If you're in the middle of a quarterly subscription and it's not yet ready to renew, your renewal date will also be pushed back X amount of days and weeks dependent on your chosen date selected.

If you run into any issues, just reach out to, and we'll be more than happy to help!

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