Can I delay my next delivery?
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If you need a break from your subscription for whatever reason, you have the ability to skip or gift an order or you can set the next delivery date to any date you choose.

First, log into your account, then simply follow these steps:


1. Selecting the bottom left button labelled "Skip"

2. This will provide you with 3 options:

a) Gift Order

You can gift your order to a friend instead. After this order has been sent, future orders will return to normal and, by default, be sent to you again. If you’ve chosen to gift your order (brownie points!), all you need to do is fill in your recipient’s delivery details in the pop-up. It would be worth giving the recipient a heads-up!

b) Skip 15 days
​Selecting this will mean your next delivery will be postponed by 15 days from today’s date

c) Skip 29 days (this is the default selection)

Selecting this will mean your next delivery will be postponed by 29 days from today’s date

NOTE By selecting either of these options, this will be applied right away – you won't receive an "Are you sure?" statement. You cannot undo this function.


If you'd like to custom delay your order, then you can select the button named "Set your next order date"

This will provide a pop out calendar. Simply choose the date you want to receive your next order and hit "Confirm"

Your new shipping date should now appear in the top left of your subscription section within your account, labelled "Next on ...". This will also update subsequent billing and shipping dates accordingly to prevent disrupting future orders.

If you run into any issues, just reach out to, and we'll be more than happy to help!

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