Within your account portal, you’ll notice a variety of options to choose from that relate to managing your subscription.

Have too many capsules? See the 2 main options you have here below:

  1. SKIP
    By selecting “Skip” from the list in your account, this will provide you with 3 options:

    Skip 15 days: Selecting this will mean your next delivery will be postponed by 15 days from today’s date

    Skip 29 days (this is the default selection): Selecting this will mean your next delivery will be postponed by 29 days from today’s date

    Gift: Instead of skipping or delaying your next order, you can gift it to a friend instead. After this order, future orders will return to normal and by default be sent to you again. If you’ve chosen to gift your order (brownie points!), all you need to do is fill in your recipient’s delivery details in the pop up. It would be worth giving the recipient a heads up!



By selecting “Set next date or edit frequency”, this will allow you to choose a specific date you’d like your next order to be shipped. Whatever date you choose from in the calendar, subsequent orders will then align with this and be sent out 29 days later.

Simply choose a date and then hit Confirm.

This is more specific than using the “Skip” option, as that only allows you to choose a half (2-week delay) or full (4-week delay) interval.

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