When starting something new, it's natural to want to see results straight away, however since the Heights supplement isn't a performance enhancer or nootropic, and focuses on proactively supporting base-brain nutrition, the timeline to see results vary.

Everybody's biochemistry is unique, so the length of time for reaping the benefits of your supplements will differ. Water-soluble nutrients (like B-vitamins, vitamin C) will absorb much faster into your tissues, whereas fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin D, E, A) will take a lot longer to yield results since they bind to fat cells in the body and build up in your body over time. After approximately 3-4 months, your brain and body will reach their new baseline.

While many customers do perceive a difference, some don't - but that doesn't mean that the supplement isn't doing what it's meant to do. Proactively taking care of your brain health is like a pension plan or a lifelong journey, as opposed to a destination. Increasing evidence now shows that cognitive decline begins as in our 30s and 40s, so the role of diet in protection from cognitive decline is huge (1, 2).

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