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Why do my capsules have a fishy taste/smell?
Why do my capsules have a fishy taste/smell?
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The Smart Supplement's DHA comes from a vegan source - algae oil. Some customers may notice they get 'fishy burps' or it repeats on them after taking. If you have experienced this, we suggest taking the capsules just before a meal. This allows the food to sit on top of your supplements and avoids the fishy aftertaste!

We also recommend taking the capsules with a flavoured drink or splitting the dose (e.g. one with breakfast and one with lunch) as both of these can help.

Finally, as we work in small batches, you may notice that the fish smell varies from batch to batch. Please note, this doesn't affect the efficacy of the pills and they are totally safe to consume.

For further assistance, you can reach our team at and we would be happy to help.

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