How can I track my order?
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You will receive a shipping confirmation email containing details to track your order.

This tracking information is sent out once the parcel has been passed to the local delivery company. You should receive this link in the shipping confirmation email where all you need to do is input your order or tracking number.

If your order hasn’t arrived when it suggests it should be, please let us know at and we’ll send out a search party (aka call our delivery partner!) to track it down for you.

Next to the above, you can always check and edit when your next bottle ships in your account. If you have any issues with logging into your account, please see this FAQ.

👋 If you’re a first-time customer with Heights and are subscribed to one of our subscriptions, it’s important to note that within your customer account, it'll display the next order shipping date, not your first. Please rest assured that your first order is already on its way!

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