Great question.

It's probably good to know we have prioritised quality as well as quantity. No shortcuts, no fillers, no bulking agents... just a huge amount of scientific research.

Everything we have included is in its most bioavailable form (reaches the bloodstream quickest) as well as being included in unusually generous quantities that are scientifically shown to have the greatest impact for your brain and body.

If you are comparing us to another similar cheaper supplement, it's worth comparing the quantity of the ingredients. You'll find a lot of supplements are a bit cheeky and use low quantities of their nutrients with additional fillers and bulking agents to make up space. Have a look at our post our Instagram post here which explains even more why quality is incredibly important when considering the supplement to take!

You can see a direct comparison of our cost with the individual cost of our premium ingredient simply here:

It’s also reassuring to know we're constantly updating the formulation of Heights as new research comes out to make sure the Smart Supplement contains the best possible nutrients, in the optimal amounts. This means you can sit back and enjoy taking Heights knowing you’re in such safe (scientific) hands.

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