Why is my account not working?
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To make life easy, we use a password-less login*. This means you no longer need to go through the faff of creating an account, manually having to validate this, and then set a password.

However, if you're having a problem, we would recommend that you double-check the email that we use to contact you for any order updates as this is the email linked to your account. Please try this before your phone number, as you may not have entered this at the checkout.

When you are certain of the correct email:
1. Enter your email address
2. Hit ‘return’ on your keyboard
3. You’ll receive an email with a 4-digit code (this will expire after a few minutes, remember to check Spam / Junk too)
4. Simply enter this code, and this will log you in

If you are still struggling, it could be that the email address had a spelling error when you signed up, so drop us a quick email here (support@yourheights.com) and we will ensure you have all the info you need to log in. We can also help without anything you need to know/update on your account in the meantime.

*Note: Our subscription provider, Skio, is a secure platform, so rest assured your personal details are 100% safe while using a password-less login.

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