What's inside the Smart Supplement?
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Let's start with what's not in there - no caking agents, synthetic fillers or nasties. You signed up for goodness to fuel your brain, so that’s exactly what you’re getting. (We were pretty shocked when we found out what was lurking in other supplements.)

We started with the idea of brain optimisation; examined urban lifestyles to understand what might be lacking and then combined the key vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and polyphenols to bridge the gaps. Every ingredient has been chosen because it has the most scientific efficacy for brain health.

We’ve only included nutrients that are less available in the average diet, and we have optimised the doses in line with what the research tells us is effective.

Want to know more about our 20 active nutrients, their quantities and NRVs? Learn more here!

**Other supplements might provide an array of exciting-sounding compounds - but include them at doses that are nowhere near effective, or in combinations that mean they can’t be absorbed into your body. For example, did you know that vitamin D3 needs to be taken alongside a fat in order to be absorbed? That’s why Heights’ capsule-in-a-capsule wraps the nutrients in Omega 3 oil - to make sure you can absorb everything properly (and stop you from feeling nauseous).

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