Within your account portal, you’ll notice a variety of options to choose from that relate to managing your subscription.

Cancel Subscription

If you’ve decided that Heights isn’t for you, we’ll be sad that you’re leaving. But, don’t worry, we won’t make it awkward.

To cancel your subscription, please follow these steps:
1. Scroll down to “Cancel”—the bottom option of the list—in your account
2. Go to the top right of your screen and click "Continue"
3. Select a reason for cancelling (or you can delay your next order instead)
4. Click "Continue"
5. Select "Cancel subscription" (or redeem 10% off your next order instead!)

Note: If you have a monthly subscription all future orders will be cancelled; already placed orders will still arrive. For a quarterly subscription, prepaid orders will still be sent out; after this, your subscription will come to an end. You, therefore, will not be refunded for any bottles from a subscription you have paid for before cancelling.

Cancel Order

To cancel an upcoming order, please see this FAQ to learn how to do so.

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