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Is Biotic⁺ science backed?
Is Biotic⁺ science backed?
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Research from over 380 clinical studies shows the efficacy of Biotic⁺ seven strains of live bacteria and yeast, which are some of the most highly documented in the world.

We’re also conducting third-party in vitro studies to demonstrate probiotic survival rates in the large intestine—where the microorganisms can make an impact—and human microbiome studies, to test Biotic⁺ ability to support the production of key metabolites associated with mood, mental health, inflammation, and immunity.

⭐️ To learn more about our science backed products, you can check out our science page here.

Quality and third-party testing:

We take great pride in ensuring that Biotic⁺ is of the highest quality. Our testing process ensures that each batch is thoroughly screened for microbiological contaminants including yeast, mould, salmonella, E-Coli, and S.Aureus.

We are committed to providing our customers with safe and effective supplements that meet our high standards and therefore, we also test every batch to ensure the correct bacteriological count of CFUs (colony-forming units of bacteria 🤓).

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