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What’s the difference between CFU vs CFU ATM?
What’s the difference between CFU vs CFU ATM?
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CFU stands for Colony Forming Unit, referring to the number of live, active microorganisms present in one dose of the Smart Probiotic. When any probiotic advertises a number of CFUs on the bottle, this is the minimum number of CFUs present at the end of its shelf life. For example, the Smart Probiotic is guaranteed to still have 20 billion CFUs after 18 months.

CFU ATM stands for Colony Forming Unit At Time of Manufacture. This is the number of CFUs in a single dose of the probiotic when it’s fresh. Over the course of a probiotic’s life, the number of CFUs drops, so the faster the probiotic gets from the factory to you, the more CFUs are present, and the more likely it is to have an effect.

The Smart Probiotic’s production and distribution processes ensure that it reaches you as fresh as possible, so the 65 billion CFUs we put in at time of manufacture can have the biggest impact.

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