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Can I add or edit products within my subscription?
Can I add or edit products within my subscription?
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You can easily add, remove or swap products in your customer account.

Please note that when adding an additional product or increasing your quantity, this will be applicable from your next order date.

To pull this forward, you can select "Order now" under "More" to receive your order within the next couple of days or "Set your next order date" to a time that suits you.

Once you've logged in, simply follow the below steps:

1. Select the button labelled "Edit Products" within your subscription dashboard.

2. This will open a page on the right hand side of your screen showing your existing orders within that subscription—whether they're one time purchase or subscriptions.

3. Select the button labelled "Add product(s) to subscription"

Updating quantity

You can amend the quantity for your next order by using the plus ('+') or minus ('-') signs. When doing so, remember to hit "Save changes" for this to successfully be applied.

Adding additional subscription products

Say you wanted to add a Monthly Subscription of Vitals⁺ to your existing subscription, all you need to do is tick the relevant product's box, select the subscription type from the dropdown**, and hit "Confirm"

Et voilà, you've now added an additional product to your subscription!

** NOTE: For Vitals, you can select "pay monthly" or "Triple pack (pay quarterly)" from the dropdown. For Biotic, by ticking the box this will add a Monthly Subscription for you. For more information on one-time purchase, see below.

Add one-off purchase item

1. Head to the right hand side of your screen to an area named "You might also like"

2. Select the plus sign ('+')

3. If you're happy to continue, click "Confirm Purchase"

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