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Is there an adjustment period where I'll feel side effects?
Is there an adjustment period where I'll feel side effects?
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The short answer is there can be, but not everyone experiences this.

Introducing new species into an ecosystem can always cause a little disruption at the beginning. Like when you introduce a new species of fish into a fish tank, they take a bit of time to get used to their new environment and to settle in with their tank-buddies. Just like any creatures entering a new habitat, the bacteria in the Smart Probiotic can take a bit of time to settle in and work their magic.

Some people have a stormy first week with Wind (lots of it), thunder (rumbling and gurgling in your tummy), and ups and downs (more toilet visits than usual).

For some people who may be taking a probiotic to reduce gas and bloating, for example, may have some ups and downs in the first week or so, leading them to think it's having the opposite effect. Don't fret. This is normal in some people and just part of the adjustment period of your gut.

Remember, better gut health—like all health goals—is about long term gains that compound. A little patience today goes a long way towards better results in the coming days and weeks.

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