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Can I take Vitals⁺ with Biotic⁺?
Can I take Vitals⁺ with Biotic⁺?
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We’ve designed Vitals⁺ and Biotic⁺ as the perfect combination for your whole-body health. They target different areas, and have the biggest impact when taken together.

You can take Vitals⁺ and Biotic⁺ at the same time together, or separately depending on your preference.

Vitals⁺ provides the nutrition that your brain needs, and Biotic⁺ helps your gut microbiome to thrive, contributing to good gut, brain, and immune health. Plus, a balanced microbiome is essential for nutrient uptake, so the Biotic⁺ actually helps you absorb the nutrients in Vitals⁺ better.


We have a great bundle option for those wishing to subscribe to both Vitals⁺ and Biotic⁺ in one easy-to-manage monthly delivery.

Shop the Symbiosis bundle here and save 14% off for life!*

Are you currently subscribed to both products separately but want to switch to the bundle plan?

Please reach out to our customer care team at at any time and we would be happy to get you switched!

*offer only available on monthly subscriptions.

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