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Can I update my information within my account?
Can I update my information within my account?
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Within your account portal, you’ll notice a variety of options to choose from that relate to managing your subscription.

Select from the 4 options in blue circles:


(to set the next charge/shipment date into the future)

Next order date

(to manually edit when you want your next order sent)

Edit products

(to add, or remove a product from your subscription)

Shipping and billing

(to edit either of these for the next shipment)

Remember to hit Save!

You can also see that you can place an order early, by pressing 'get now', edit how often bottles are sent by adjusting the shipping 'frequency', apply a discount code, change a payment method, or cancel.

This information is the basis of your account. Please do keep these up-to-date to receive updates on your subscription as well as access to your account via a code that will be sent to your email as you login. More on this here.

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